Coffee Brewing Tips Without Electricity

There may be times in your life that you need coffee brewing methods without any electricity available. Yes, there is a catch because you still need to be able to heat your water, so these brewing methods will not work if your power is out. But keep in mind that one of the greatest devices to own is a French Press, which doesn’t require the use of electricity so that it is eco-friendly and convenient.

Likewise, Bodum, the popular creators of the French Press, also offer a small coffee brewing device that is not a French Press, called the Café Solo. This is an interesting little coffee brewer that also does not require electricity, and it will create a single cup serving for your pleasure. To use this brewer, spoon two rounded tablespoons of grounds inside of the mesh filter basket. After that, you will place the water strainer on top of the mesh filter so that the coffee grounds are pressed between. After that, place the upper filter basket on the glass cup within the mechanism, and pour the water that has just finish boiling through the top filter basket and cover. Allow the coffee to drip into the glass coffee cup for several minutes, and you will be able to have a sip of fresh and delicious coffee directly out of the glass cup that it brewed in!

Of course, the Café Solo is somewhat different than a Coffee Press, although it still uses drip brewing. But it is also beneficial because it uses a mesh filter and not paper filters so that the essential oils will not be removed in the brewing process. This is something that many people may want to use if they are in their office, especially if they have a water cooler with a hot water tap on it nearby. Within this method, you would not need electricity whatsoever, and all you would have to do is fill up the Café Solo with the hot water from the water cooler to have a quick and incredibly fresh cup of Joe at your desk.

Other than that, the French Press made available by Bodum comes in an infinite amount of models and styles. This lets you add boiled water to coarse coffee grounds, where they will extract for four minutes. After that is done, press the plunger down directly to remove the coffee grounds from your brewed coffee, and there you have it! You have the pleasure of drinking a fresh and fragrant cup of coffee!